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Dayna Might

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Dayna Might is 5 foot 3 and a half inches, a red haired fire cracker with a short fuse when things don't go her way. Dayna was working as a paramedic at wrestling events, when one night changed everything. One night a wrestler had been seriously injured during a match and the ref called in the medical team. While Dayna was checking out the injured wrestler, his opponent decided that he wasn't finished yet. Dayna was pushed aside and the opponent went to pick up the fallen wrestler, but suddenly the opponent saw his own feet up in the air and quickly felt the back of his neck hit the canvas. Dayna had not taken kindly to being pushed out of the way and when a fiery temper took over a german suplex was delivered. After hearing about this Rock Newman quickly signed Dayna Might to the LFF.

Comes with character card and 3 finish cards.

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