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Heart of Crown

Heart of Crown

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    They were tough times, the days when swords and magic still ruled the world. A long, destructive war has ended, and unification of the entire continent was achieved. However, before the empire's subjects had even come to know peace, their great emperor would fall victim to disease, having never declared a successor…

    We must not return to that war-torn world!

    You are an influential figure in the empire. Quickly lay claim to the throne and ensure the rock-solid unity and peace of the continent. Though the emperor had no son, there are seven candidates for succession, starting with the two lineal princesses. Now, let's get your favorite princess on the emperor's throne! Garner support from all over the country, clash with rival candidates and depend on your special skill!

    "Heart of Crown" is a deck building card game. Each player starts with the same deck, strengthens his or her deck with strategic cards, and finally, one will declare victory by throning the princess he or she controls. Each player's deck starts with 7 "Rural," territory cards and three "Apprentice Handmaid," succession cards (an unreliable subject). Using the currency (coins) generated by your "Rural," territory cards, you will begin incorporating cards from the market into your deck according to your own strategy.

    Each player's main goal is to give the princess they've fielded the throne. First, collect stronger territory cards such as "City," and "Metropolis," to increase your coins, and declare fielding a princess using these coins.

    There are five princesses and one set of twin princesses, totaling 6 princess cards. Each princess has special support abilities, but there is only one of each, so be the first to field a princess to get the support you need!

    For your princess to take the throne, you player must collect Succession Points that represent the support of your loyal subjects and influential figures in the empire. Once you control 20 Succession Points, you may declare a coronation. Your opponents get one more turn to interrupt your coronation, but if your points remain at or above 20 by your next turn, the coronation was successful and your princess has taken the throne!

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