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Airship City

Airship City

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  • Description

    airship city (?????) is a heavier game from Japanese doujin publisher analog lunchbox.

    Electing to make a new home among the clouds, humankind has assembled a variety of airships to provide utilities, thereby creating "airship city". As airship engineers, you gather materials and work hard to build airships to further the development of airship city.

    In order to build airships efficiently, you need to donate airships to cultivate a positive relationship with the city, renovate your workshop, hire workers, and occasionally piggyback off other engineers to acquire resources. You can contribute to the city's development not only by donating airships, but also by building public facilities and participating in trade.

    Will your contributions to the development of airship city earn you fame as an airship engineer?

  • Details
    Ages: 14 and up
    Artist: Saori Shibata
    BGID: 256442
    Designer: Masaki Suga
    Players: 3-4
    Publisher: analog lunchbox
    Year: 2018
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