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    A simple evening of fun, where all the choices are yours! You choose the number of guests, characters, venue, food, and ultimately, the victim!Characters:Doctor Freckles - With a cold stethoscope around his neck, and warm thermometer somewhere else, this Doctor is well known for his wandering, healing hands.Mayor Frisbee - A corrupt, and larger-than-life character. As with Clint and Arnie, he has earned his place in society as an actor.Sergeant / Sheriff Mc Gritty - Local chief of all law and order. Always on the job, people say hes never without his badge, which is always in a prominent position.Judge Waller - Very well-to-do gentleman, who has risen through the military ranks.Princess Alberto - A blue-blooded royal, 56th heir to the throne of Malagastan. Educated at the very best schools, this lady is nice but not very clever.Lilly Escort - A party in this small town would not be complete without Lilly. Highly paid, highly experienced, and a very good hooker.Sports Teacher Miss Dyke - This teacher has never been seen out of her tracksuit. Shes not the only one to blow the whistle, as there are a number of stories about her behavior in the local high school showers!Sister Agnes - A sister in the order of the Nickerless. Not because their patron Saint is Nicholas, but because this order believe it to be a sin to wear underwear. - BoardGameGeek
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    Ages: 10 and up
    BGID: 23131
    Designer: (Uncredited)
    Mechanics: Role Playing
    Players: 8 to 12
    PrimaryName: Fallout
    Product Title: Fallout
    Time: 0 minutes
    Year: 0
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