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Superfight!: 90s Deck

Superfight!: 90's Deck

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    A DECK FULL OF DOPE ‘90s CARDS! In this expansion, you get a hundred ‘90s cards to add to your Superfight deck, including REPTAR, RITA REPULSA and STEVE URKEL. You also get defense cards like: Gets Knocked Down But Gets Up Again” and “Using Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen As Nunchucks”. SUPERFIGHT is a classic party game from Skybound Games where you argue with your friends over RIDICULOUS fights between RIDICULOUS characters armed with RIDICULOUS attributes. 

    WHAT’S INSIDE THE ‘90s DECK. This deck consists of 100 ‘90s themed cards to add to your deck, including new locations and scenarios! It is playable without (but recommended with) the core set. It can be mixed with any other Superfight Deck. 

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